Sports Drinks

January 10, 2007 7:24pm CST
What do you think about sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade? Do you think they are worth the money to hydrate you? What brand/type do you prefer?
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@ladygam (563)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
I prefer Gatorade. It saved my life, or at least it saved me from having a blood transfusion, when I was hospitalized for Dengue Fever. My platelet count dropped and I needed a lot of fluids for it to return to normal levels or else I would start bleeding internally. My IV transfusion wasn't enough and I don't want to be transfused by anybody's blood so I guzzled Gatorade to rehydrate.
@smille (830)
• India
13 Jan 07
yes i hv heard about the sports drink but i hv heard tht they are actually not good for health too!!! so its better if u take fresh juice and milk. whatever made using chemicals is eventually takes its toll on u, so i think its better to avoid it.
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
11 Jan 07
I started to drink them awhile ago because I am not much into drinking water until a friend who into health food and such said they were full of sugar so I necer know what is good or bad these days....:(
• Janesville, Wisconsin
8 May 07
If you are doing alot of work and need serious rehydration drink those and water both can help fight off heat stroke or keep your energy up when working in the hayfields.. I know they helped me. .. As far as energy drinks I was watching a special on TV and The one to avoid is Spike they showed the Blood pressure shot up really fast, and gave the person a heart arithmea when they were monitoring him.. So avoid that one.. Especially teens and children.. People been passing out and having seizures from that. - DNatureofDTrain