How can I get my husband to go out more often?

United States
January 10, 2007 9:51pm CST
My husband is a laid-back, homebody country boy, who grew up in rural North Carolina. I like to get out every now and then, especially without the kids, for a break (Don't all parents deserve occasional breaks?) to see a movie, have dinner, or someplace else. Every time I suggest going out, my husband always gets a weird look on his face like he doesn't want to be bothered! He just vegges out in front to the TV and watches sports! Boring! If I want him to go some place, even to the store with me, I have to literally beg or either make him feel guilty. I hate doing this. I want him to want to get out and have fun, too. What can I do?
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• Canada
11 Jan 07
My ex was a pain about going anywhere. He hated crowds and would actively avoid going anywhere he didn't absolutely have to. If we were invited to a party or some other social function, before we could even leave the house, he'd ask "What time are we coming home?" That really ruined it for me the few times we were actually going somewhere. Parents DO deserve breaks and this was one point of contention in our failed relationship. Once we became parents, he seemed to forget that we were still a couple. I'm actually a homebody myself. I don't care that we don't go out often but I very much enjoy the times we do. My new hubby is very willing to do things. He loves to go out for dinner or to a movie now and again. I can only think of a couple of times that he didn't go shopping with me... he doesn't LIKE shopping, mind you, but he says he likes keeping me company. Is there anything your husband enjoys? Hobbies? Interests that you could link to somewhere to go? I presume he likes sports but, if you're not into that, then I won't suggest a sporting event LOL Is he into music? A concert, maybe? What about inviting people to your place to have time with some other adults? Maybe that would break him in a little about being more social?