which is the best gaming console

January 11, 2007 2:08am CST
which is ur fav. gaming console mine is PLAYSTATION3 urs?????????????
5 responses
@SirPyan (429)
• Malaysia
11 Jan 07
Playstation family of course. I have a Playstation and PS2. I'm not getting any PS3, at least in the nearest time, until there are many games I wanted. I choose PS because most of the game genre I love to play are on PS. RPG from Japan to be exact. This prevents me from getting Xbox or Nintendo, althought Nintendo also has several RPG in it, but not as many as PS. Some of my favourite type of RPG, are in PS, the Final Fantasy series (of course), Star Ocean series, Suikoden series, Wild Arms series, Xenosaga series, many more.
@anup12 (4180)
• India
11 Jan 07
Mine too
@thanmeir (141)
• Indonesia
11 Jan 07
playstation 3 is the best
@abhiroop85 (2827)
• Scottsdale, Arizona
11 Jan 07
i like xbox360,playstation is also cool.
@senna9 (1669)
• Netherlands
11 Jan 07
i stil have a playstation one, that i sometimes use. most of the time i play a game on my laptop. but i think playstation 3 is really great, i have played it by my friend.