Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Best Breed Ever

United States
January 11, 2007 2:15am CST
This is for all you dog lovers out there. I never thought myself to be a dog person, until two years ago. I hadn't had a dog in quite some time so and decided it was time, so I went out and bought a dalmation. The worst mistake I ever made. The dog was the mosy stubborn disobedient thing I had ever owned, do needless to say I was turned off to dogs for quite some time. Until about two years ago when my wife finally convinced me to buy another dog. This time we went a little bit smaller and a lot higher end. Now I am not in to dogs so small they look like they should be up in a tree gathering nuts, and at the same time I don't want a dog so big it knocks you down everytime you walk in the room. So we did some research and my wife saw several in celebrity magazines so we had to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are the most adorable, lap dogs on the planet, loving and extremely gentle with children. It has been two years since that time and now we have four, we even breed them. Contessa our pride and joy has over 50 champions in her line and is an absolutley beautiful blenheim girl. If you want to know more about the cavalier king charles spaniel or about contessa in particular you can check out our website at Let me know what you think, any more wonderful cavalier owners out there?
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