Is the mother should be blame about the bad behaviour of a child?

@knewelle (127)
January 11, 2007 2:37am CST
As you can notice, we are reaching high tech ages of civilization and the children are behaving differently compare before the advance technology. They are more behaving violently and causing nuisance to anyone even to elderly. Is this behavioural problems of a child should be blame to the mother alone?
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11 Jan 07
I think it should be partially the parents fault for how their child(ren) are acting. My thoughts on this is now days parents are taking less interest in what their child is doing instead is just allowing that child to do basically whatever he/she wants to do. More so now with the internet and other technologies becoming a larger part of our everyday lives. I think parents should more watchful this day and age because with the technologies we have today peer pressure is an even bigger issue. Kids will act out just to be like their online and normal friends. Kids & teenagers will find sites that say it's alright to act out in a violent way. So parents need to step up to the plate and continue to be parents and teach their kids the truth about such things and make sure the kids know the consequences of their actions.