Will the bears win the super bowl

United States
January 11, 2007 3:25am CST
y or y not
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@juicetop (18)
• Canada
25 Jan 07
Nope , COlts all the way
• United States
25 Jan 07
i don't know much about the colts but i think the bears are gonna win. yes, i'm from chicago, so i'm a little jaded, but still.....first of all, they definately deserve it. also, they have the best defense in the NFL, hands down. if rex grossman is having a good day, there's very little that can stop them, as we've seen throughout the season. and can i just say that i wish people would take it easy on grossman. give him a break. this is his first full season. he's still new at playing a full game. plus he's coming from a completely different coaching style that demanded completely different things from him. he's still reprograming. he's young, and he has so much potential. i love my bears.
@Kicker55 (243)
• United States
24 Jan 07
I think they will, but not because I am a fan even though I am. Here are my reasons, First reason, the Colts are a weaker team then they were last year simply because they don't have Edgerrin James. Yes the duo of Addai and Rhodes has worked nicely, but only because using two backs instead of one all year helps preserve backs and keeps them healthier and playable much longer than having them grind it out week after week. But neither Rhodes nor Addai is a big time play maker like Edgerrin James was. You could say James was overrated once he went to Arizona because he didn't do well, but then you're not looking at facts either. Edgerin was playing for a crappy offensive line and an easily predictable and sackable quarterback in Kurt Warner for half of the season. Edges numbers actually grew a ton once Matt Leinart got in their. A man cannot do it by himself you know. Two, the Colts offense isn't as powerful as it used to be, only Peyton still remains the big time threat, Harrison dropped considerably this year due to age, and Wayne hasn't really stepped up to fill those shoes. Their defense is suspect, they are better then the credit they are given, but I don't think they can hold the line with Benson and Jones bashing them in. Look at the Jacksonville game if you don't believe me. The difference between the Jacksonville game and the games between KC and Baltimore in the playoffs are very distinct. Jamal Lewis is not a top noch runner anymore, and Larry Johnson is the only runner on KC, theirfore it's easier to shut down one threat only, where as the Bears will break their lines with Benson and use Jones to explode through the tired beaten linemen holes. Third, if you look at the NE game you would notice a few things. NE dominated the first half, only because they knew exactly what to do with Indy and they did it and it worked. The second half they came out exhausted and dehydrated, it seemed like every five seconds their defensive linemen were coming off the field to get IV's shot in them, the main reason Indy came back was due to the fact that NE had just run out of steam, and it wasn't because Indy was so great, it was because they Put everything into stopping LT and San Diego the week before. They just simply didn't have enough gas in the tank to play the Colts an entire game. Lastly, the game I believe comes down to whether or not the Bears can pressure Peyton enough and force enough turnovers, and whether or not Grossman plays smart, which I think he will. The reason why Peyton manning does well in the season but not in the playoffs is very simple, Peyton thinks that he needs to throw 90 td's every game, instead of playing smart and playing to win and beat enemy strategically, he just tries throwing the ball everywhere. Well that works on many teams, but once it gets down to the nitty gritty, that's gonna force you into some big time interceptions, which he's been throwing all playoffs long. INDY VS. Baltimore = Indy played smart, they didn't need to throw td's because Baltimores O was the worst in the league practically, all they had to do was kick a few field goals and keep the Baltimore O in their own territory the whole game, easy strategy against an easy one dimensional team. Indy vs. KC = Another one dimensional team, trent green is old and he sucks. Their only weapon is now Larry Johnson until they can get a QB that can begin getting it to Tony Gonzolez again, so same strat against baltimore worked here first. Indy vs, Chicago = Chicago is not one dimensional in any means, their defense will kill you and their offense can score by running or passing, their defense can score, and often times their defense gives their offense the ball in enemy territory. The only team that I think really could have posed a brutal problem for the Bears was New England due to Belichiks brilliance or Brady's Superb QB skills, I don't think Manning has what it takes to take down the Bears. I will pull a score out here Bears 32 - Colts 24
• United States
19 Jan 07
Yes they will and the reason why - because I want them too! haha At this point I'm just happy that they've made it this far but one can hope now can't I?! :D