Spanking VS. nonspanking

United States
January 11, 2007 7:44am CST
Do you spank your children or do you use a time out or something similar. I don't see anything wrong with getting a leg when the child is doing something that will hurt them. ex. trying to put something in an electical outlet. I use a time out when my son does something to hurt his sister like pulling her hair. I have him sit in the chair for a couple of minutes or longer depending on the "crime". This gives him time to think about what he has done. How do you punish your children and what are the ages.
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@whacks (774)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
I do not believe that spanking is the only or best way to discipline children. There are so many ways and spanking is the last to be resorted to if others fail. Children especially pre-schoolers should not be spanked.
@suedarr (2382)
• Canada
15 Jan 07
I do not believe in spanking. I was not spanked as a child, and in turn I did not spank my kids, now aged 11, 17, and 20. My kids turned out ok as did I. My parents instilled a deep respect for ourselves and others and I tried to do the same with my own. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We did have time outs and family discussions.
@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
15 Jan 07
I have two daughters, the younger is a mongoloid. I do not spank them for I love them very much. The older is sometimes hard headed but I just scold her and say what she should do when she does something wrong. Teaching is the best way to discipline children.
@FiredUp (270)
• United States
11 Jan 07
I do believe in spanking, but only in severe wrongs. If they are jurting someone else or themselves or maybe stealing or something like that, I would spank them. I used that very rarely with my girls. The rest of the time it was time out or some sort of punishment like taking away their favorite toy for a while. My grandson is a different story though. I have to be careful because he was abused and I cannot spank him because he would see it as more abuse and be afraid. For him, I have to always use the alternative punishments.