Are you indispensable?

January 11, 2007 9:07am CST
Your dedication,commitment and erudition in your chosen field, made you as the blue eyed boy of your organization.You are the cynosure of all eyes. your organization gives you lot of importance though you are not one of the top management. the top management has provided you many opportunities to sharpen your knowledge.So far so good. Out of the blue one fine evening, you received a phone call from your rival organization offering you a lucrative offer 100 times better than the present organization. What you would do?
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
13 Jan 07
I would have to weigh up the merits of the new offer and llok at the whole picture. Money alone would not force me to go to the new job. I would also make my current employer aware of what this new offer is. You never know it may provide further advancement in my current role and it will also provide the catalyst to determine how vauable my current employer really thinks I am. It would be a difficult decision. My current employer has helped me grow and has given me a lot of importance but as you said, "not one of the top management"..... Maybe by using this new offer to my advantage I may be able to secure a top management position within my current organisation? But I have to admit, an offer better than my current role is one thing; but 100 times better? Hard to refuse!
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• India
14 Jan 07
I will be in dilemma.If a rival organisation is able to recognise my efficiency, I expect the same to be done by my organisation. Giving mere lot of importance by the present organisation may not do too many good for me. After calculating how true is the new offer, how my company is reacting I will make a final decision.
@ifnalife (323)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 07
i will stay in my organization no matter what. beside,.. i have earning from mylot. so don't be worry my friend...
11 Jan 07
It depends on what you aspirations in life are and you moving to a rival organisation may be considered being selfish sometimes that is the best way to progress in your career. Sometimes in the same organisation you get stereotyped as being great at a certain kind of role and your managers may not be too willing to let you experiment. If the role that the other organisation is offering is what you want and you can see that it fits in with your career and life aspirations then I would say go for it. If the difference is just money then again personal circumstances come into consideration. If you are happy with what you have at the moment and you give in to the desire to have more, that is a never ending rat race.