What end could the final part bring?

January 11, 2007 10:28am CST
Never have I ever believed in my 7 years of reading of Harry Potter novels that - that cute little innocent face who once was treated so badly by his Uncle and Aunt and their son Dudly, and, who had been redeamed from hell to heaven in Hogwarts, would Indeed have to face the cruel shadow of death. Everytime he got into danger in any of his 1st to 3rd years, something happened and he just escaped(followed by good rewards). But then Digory died in the Goblet of fire part, killed by Wormtail. This was followed by Black and then at last and the worst Dumbledore, who was said to be of equal power to Voldemort. After these events, one has to be brave to predict an end for this fascinating series. I would put my money on a mixed and mysterious end with Potter winning his duel with Voldemort and ending his reign and at the same time losing one or two of ron, hermoinie, ginny, and neville longbottom. What's your pick?
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1 Aug 07
new post on old, out of date topic but... i originally thought Neville was going to tear it up and kill Voldemort but in the process die -i was close.
@joy358 (491)
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
I don't want any good guys in HP to die. But with all the rumors circulating around and JK being deliberately vague in giving her answers I think there's a great chance that somebody will indeed die in the last book, whether its the good guys or the bad guys or both, we don't definitely know yet. I just hope it wouldn't be Harry or any of his friends. Afterall they have been through so much together, and I think its only fair that they should also celebrate their victory over the Dark Lord together.