How did your hot and spicy addiction start?

@WebMann (4732)
January 11, 2007 10:49am CST
I was 21 years old before I ever had anything that was the slightest bit spicy. I was raised on a farm with meat and potatoes, salt and pepper. That's it and I loved it. The best food I have eaten, that wasn't spicy that is. I moved in with a brother and sister from India and was introduced to food that could take the top of your head right off. They had a few good laughs watching me eat but I was addicted immediately and have never stopped eat it. How did your hot and spicy addiction begin.
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@catbox0 (176)
• United States
11 Jan 07
I've been a big fan of hot and spicy foods for quite a long time. I don't remember how it started but I also don't remember not liking hot and spicy foods. I'm 19 now so I would say I've liked hot and spicy stuff for about 10 years or so but that could be about 7 years off. I really have no idea.
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@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
11 Jan 07
Well at least you know you like hot and spicy and that's the important thing. Did you ever thing that all that hot and spicy food messes up your memory? :) I got married when I was 29 and we are both the same age, just about 6 months apart. She had never experienced hot and spicy until I started cooking for her and then it was so funny watching her eat my cooking, trying so hard not to let the food touch her lips. Now she packs it away as fast as I can cook. Thanks for your response.
3 May 07
well i dont like hot and spicy food i can only eat food which is mildly spicy and i like some spices if i have a cold as they help get rid of it but the very hot food and how people eat chilli i dont know
@luannemay (258)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
My spicy food addiction started when i was just a kid, my father loves spicy foods, he usually eat his food w/ red chili. We usually have a spicy dipping in our house.At first i hated it but i grew accustomed to it. Now i love anything spicy but i go easy now on it because my hubby doesn't like anything that is spicy.