Question for evil free-thinking atheists?

@kk_84in (1688)
January 11, 2007 11:30am CST
why are you so smart???
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@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
11 Jan 07
And it's exactly this type of judgemental statement that turns some people from the religions you want to advocate. How are we evil? Because we don't share the exact same opinions as you? Because we chose to come to our own conclusions? Atheist means lacking a belief in God. So, because I don't believe in a god, that makes me evil? And that type of judgement doesn't seem shallow and narrow minded to you? For the sake of answering your question, why am I so smart personally, or why are atheists so smart collectively? It's a documented fact that some of the smartest people in history were atheists, going back through people like Einstein, most philosophers and scientists, some of the most notable authors and free thinkers in history, and several US presidents. :) Personally, education and a thirst for knowledge. I have a natural curiousity that forces me to research a subject before opening my mouth. Perhaps it's just my pride, not wanting to make a fool out of myself and wanting to be informed and educated on a subject before forming an opinion. Which is the exact reason why I classify myself an atheist. I know religious history, I studied every aspect of it, researched over and over again, and concluded that I didn't have the evidence or facts that I personally needed in order to have a belief. I was raised christian, and discarded any semblance of a faith when I couldn't come to peace with what my brain requires of me logically and beliefs that are founded on blind faith. Now, as for your judgemental phrasing of the question, let's consider this rationally. I'm an atheist, perfectly at peace with my lack of beliefs and respectful of others individual beliefs. I don't care what you believe, that's your choice. As long as it makes sense to you and brings you peace, who am I to judge? However, you feel free to judge me just because I don't believe the same. And yet you call me evil?
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@nuffsed (1273)
11 Jan 07
Beautifully put. Such eloquence in reply to ignorance.