complain against a manager

United States
January 11, 2007 11:50am CST
there was a customer he purshase 4 items and he pay by using his credit card when he swipe his car the monitor constancly request for me to select another tender ,which i did many times i decided to ask for his drivers licenes and he had to put in his social secruity number the purchse went through and and i put in the his zip code the transtaction when through when the receipt came out he claim that , the number that came on the reciept was not his. He ask me to call macys to find out why is card not going through ,i told him he would have to call macys himself, he made a statement stating that dont bring the ghetto here at that point i response to him by telling him that he was rude. He responed back to me by saying that you dont tell a customer that they are rude, he ask to get the manager and around to see if the manager was around was not ,so i ask another assoiciated that came around for her help which did , when the customer left he saw my manager melissa came around he told that i call him rude and i refuse to help him. When melissa came over she ask me to leave the register and come with her the first thing that came out of her mouth he a manager and you never tell a manager or customer that they are rude never,never, melissa never bother to inquired why i told him he was rude , write away she told me that i was fired and i most go home and i turn to her and said i was going home and way , the reason for my complain she handle the whole situation unfair because she only hear one side of what happen.To give a good example there was a sale associate worked on the same floor as i did she was purchase christmas item the manager by the name of Jill rag up the item after she rag up the item the manager refuse to rap up the associate item and drop it on the floor and told her she works here she most come around the register and do it her self the associate complain to melissa and she did not do any thing about the associate eventually quit her job and jill was still able to carry out her work. I think it not fair that managers are allow to get away with doing unproffesional and get away with it but the minute associates do it there is a conquence behind it
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