Haven't you yet made the self personality list ?

January 11, 2007 12:26pm CST
I am a non achiever .Don't think I am disappointed depressed at it .I have accepted it , but am trying to set my own goal. In this process I made a two column table -one column containing the +ve and the other -ve traits of myself . But I have found that the -ve side overwrigh the +ve one by a huge margin . I found it very difficult to do this . It created lots of problems due to the inner bias towards the +ve . I mean to say that I am weak to confess and admit my weak points to myself . However , I over came this and became ready to bite the bullet . Now I am convinced that a person like me cannot be an achiever . Lazyness and resultant procastination and complacence are two major hindrances to my achieving any goal . My present decision is that I shall not take up too big tasks at least for the time to come in near future. Small goals will be better , because then only I may reach the goal . Haven't you made this table ? Be very careful and you may have to take participation of your closest friend or spouse. Because , some of your traits may not be conceivable to yourself . Do it with corage and honesty . You will at least know yourself better .Your opinion and analysis is most wecome.
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