Xbox 360 (what do you think?)

January 11, 2007 2:49pm CST
i brought my premium xbox 360 2 weeks ago and love it, i cant get off, i keep on playing until my wireless controller batterys are dead. i realy like the xbox live feature as it lets you play others which makes you try your best as you dont know who your playing. so what do you think about the xbox 360 and whats your favorite game? thanks
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16 Jan 07
I think the Xbox 360 is brilliant. I also am finding it hard to get myself off it. M favourite game on the Xbox 360 has to be gears of war. Gears of War is a must have on the Xbox 360 and is the best game ever made.The brilliant campaign mode can be played in three different modes, casual, hardcore and Insane. Each mode gives a totally different experience and the fun doesn't end there. The multiplayer mode is exciting and fun where you pit yourselves against players around the globe.