How far would you go for a friend?

@JJOD2007 (160)
January 11, 2007 3:11pm CST
I have four bestfriends for 10 years turning 11 this coming june 2007... I've always been there for them. I'm the mother hen of the group. And they've been like that to me also. They've been there in the lowest point of my life. They've been very good to me, and to show how grateful am that I would go out of my way to help them if they needed me, to the extent that I have resigned twice with my work in order to accomodate a friends request.... This last request that I accomodate left me hanging. They did not gave me any explaination. I was hurt and confused, but I don't have the heart to confront them.... Do I have to wait for them to explain? DO I have to approach them and demand for an explaination? Do I have to put an end to the friendship? How far would you go for a friend just to prove your always there for them and your loyalty belongs to them....:(
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11 Jan 07
I feel the same way you do right now. I have been best friends with my friend for 16 years and It seems that I can give and give and give and it feels like she does not even appreciate it. I have confrunted her about it but she just blows it off or gets mad and says that I do not know what i am talking about. But give it a try. If it is bothering you so much that it is always on your mind then say something.