how do i propose her?

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January 11, 2007 3:14pm CST
Ok.. so here's the situation.. i've fallen for a gal.. i know that she likes me.. but i aint sure whether she feels just as strongly for me as i do for her.. We are like real good frnds.. etc.. share our feelings etc.. the problem here is that she has been in 2 different relationships that turned out to be disasters for her in the past.. lasting no more than a day... and because of these drastic relationships.. she somewhat does not take love seriously.. she does believe in it and stuff.. but.. does not take it seriously as yet Now the question here is, how do i go around proposing her.. i mean, what if she does not take my love as serious as i am..? My frnds say that i'd rather go and propose the normal way.. and wait for the consequences and blame them on luck.. but i believe there is a better way around! can someone help!
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@dmillman (2273)
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11 Jan 07
I would say that you need to talk about it. Try to bring it up in conversation. It works great if you're watching TV or a movie with something about love and marriage, so you could just continue the conversation to see how she feels. Also mention that you're asking her because you know that she's been in some bad relationships, and you respect her feelings, so you want to know how she'd feel if you proposed to her. (Don't do it that night - wait a little bit). My husband and I talked about it before we were married, kind of like a future thing. We went buy a jewelry store, very slowly. There was a display of wedding rings and engagement rings, so he asked me which one I liked. I told him which ones, and why I preferred them over the others. For some reason, Mr. Forgetful actually remembered and got the ring and proposed to me with it. Another thought is that while you are discussing it. Tell her you're not in a rush to get married and that we (you & her) can take your time. This way she'll feel less pressured about making a decision. Also remember that if she'd rather not talk about it, tell her that you're ready to talk about it whenever she is. At least she knows that you've been thinking about it. This may happen if she wants to think about it because of her past experiences (so it's not necissarily because of you!) Good luck! Please let us know how things turn out!
• Indonesia
11 Jan 07
the better way is you must make good conversation.
@imakella (668)
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11 Jan 07
start with the topic of love.. u find the most thing that she likes.. make her attractive towards that thing... set it to that mind..