Bullying when you were in school? Bullying as portrayed by pop culture on TV?

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January 11, 2007 4:27pm CST
Or was it more individualized - IE one student bullies one other student or two? What were the bullies like in general and what did they dress like? For me, when I was in school, it was more individualized. There were no real "school bullies". I'm not sure if it was the area I grew up in that influenced this, or what. Another thing that amuses me is how bullies are portrayed by pop culture. In the 90's, you see almost every TV show or cartoon where the main character is a student in school, and the bully is always dressed like a greaser, and often talks with a New York accent. In the 2000s the image seems to be that the bullies are the "preps" who wear lots of preppy clothing, such as Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle, and are the "in crowd" - ya know, the preps, the jocks, the cheerleaders. This one particularly amuses me because I am muscular and wear lots of Hollister clothing (Abercrombie is basically a more expensive, less Californian Hollister, and American Eagle's fit stinks, so I don't really indulge in either one too much). Hollister is inexpensive, extremely comfortable, with a very body-conscious fit, so I love it. Anyways, off that tangent.
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@rmuxagirl (7559)
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12 Jan 07
In my school the bullies were the preppies. If you didn't wear the clothes they did or date the people they thought you should, then your popularity goes down. There was one or two guys that constantly make fun of me because I didn't wear make-up or care about fashion.
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@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
14 Jan 07
Yeah, that is so sad to be bully on. Thankfully, I didn't get bulled on when I was in school. I guess they didn't find anything bad to say about me.