why do i have angel?

January 11, 2007 8:59pm CST
WHY DO I HAVE ANGELS? this is the questions that its hard for me to answer. i have many perssonal experience to my guardian angels. im a born again christian but i finish my study at catholic school. Teachers, nun and priest always discribe angel as if they see it personnaly, they said angels have wings. well based on my experience angels have no wings they are like ordinary people but the difference is they are very tall and they wear white clothes, angels have a beautiful smile. my first experience happened when i was a kid. God send me an angel to take care of me coz im so clumsy. (THAT'S ONLY WHAT I THINK RIGHT NOW! ) Angel pull my hands coz i will touch the fuse box with high voltage, i always remember it as if it happened only yesterday coz i really saw her and she gave and advice about fuse box. they are always with me since i was a kid, they only dissapear when i was in highschool and they come back when i was in fourth year college and my friend saw me that someone carry me when i fall from 3rd floor. THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD! How about you do you have a personnal encounter to your angels?
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• New Zealand
12 Jan 07
well how can we be nice about this.... What u have been told by Catholic school, is total santa clause, fairy in the gardens material! I belive what you say, who am i to say otherwise, cause i never had such personal experinces such as yours, in seeing angels. Yes Angels exist, and carry out the work & words of God, these days they dont carry trumpets, but more or less laptop computers, with wireless internet... no I am kidding bout that! But seriously, alot of what you are taught by your school is rubbish, I would question alot of their teachings, GOD DOES exist, Angels exist, as we know Satan is an fallen Angel, but of such beauty. Is why people fall so easily to him. I would suggest to you to read the TRUTH about the Catholic Religion, which is really a pagan cult! Can prove that very easily. Best bet for you! PRAY to God, & ask him to show the truth, the REAL truth!
@lilaclady (28235)
• Australia
12 Jan 07
I too believe everyone has guardian angels, I call them guides, I think the inner voice we hear are in fact our guides.