Do you personally know any famous people? What are they like?

United States
January 11, 2007 10:10pm CST
Do you personally know any famous people? I don't mean if you have met them once. I mean, if you really know them, or are friends with them. Do they know you by name? If so, who is it? What are they like in real life? I don't know any famous people. I have met a few, but don't know any personally.
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• India
12 Jan 07
I know personally the Wing commander of indian Air force ,He is a very daring ,diligent and punctual man .whatever he think to do ,he will do that and get rest after doing that .I am very lucky to spent some days with this great man .his name is Wing Commander Rajiv Gupta .
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• Philippines
12 Jan 07
my bestfriend is famous. shhe has joined a number of beauty contests here in our country both local and natonal. she hadn't changed a lot negatively but she is constantly changing herself positively b taking more talent development lessons and pampering herself ever now and then to be more beautiful. she doesn't change her treatment on her friends and she alwas makes surre that she still has time with her famil. she is very humble.
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• United States
12 Jan 07
I have met many and the most disappointing was Jerry Lewis. While filming the movie The King of Comedy with DeNiro on location in NYC he was rude to fans and everyone around him.