10 more months till Halloween

@anabaik (206)
January 12, 2007 1:48am CST
For someone who likes to dress up so damn much, being deprived of halloween as a child was torture. my mother says halloween is an evil, pagan holiday. (if she delved more deeply into christmas traditions, she may be un-pleasantly surprised) but i'm not gonna go into all that. what i will say, actually, is halloween has officially become my favorite. it was a close second to x-mas for the longest, but try working in a retail store around holiday season and listening to all that horrible happy holiday music while you're pissed off and people are screaming at you over some stupid s*it, and you'll learn to hate christmas, too. it's called "conditioning." so, to compensate for my lost halloweens, i have gone overboard in recent years with the costuming, and halloweening has become progressively longer. last year it was something like 4 days. this year, however, i fear may be my last. it's all-out time. and i need to start planning NOW.
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