making money on the net, or otherwise.

January 12, 2007 2:14am CST
This probably sounds a little mercenary, but there comes a time in a man's life when he is compelled to look beyond the usual, to make a little extra money. I suppose one will make a little money here, on myLot, starting and responding to discussions, but I don't think that this will be an immediate, wolf-at-the-door, kind of solution. I wonder if any of you good people out there have any suggestions as to how one could make quick money on the internet, or for that matter, in the real world, here at Mumbai, India ? When I say money, I don't mean, like, a million bucks ( in any currency !!! ), but just enough to keep body and soul together for a few months, at best. I am a little challenged ( netwise ), so please keep your suggestions simple !!! For the record, I'm starting in a new job soon, but it will still be a while before I can clear my liabilities, and find my feet again.
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