My cunning dog ~~

January 12, 2007 3:33am CST
As we know, dogs are very tamed animals. They are also mens best friend. But do anyone knows that some dogs are actually cunning ? I got a dog at home which is now 6 years old. She's cute and playful. But I would rather say she's naughty. There are times when my whole family are not around or went for travel. When no one's around at home, we will ask our neighbour to feed our lovely dog. There's once, when we returned from travel. My neighbour greeted us when we're back home. And what happened is that my dog just bark at her as if she's a stranger. How is our neighbour going to feed her if our dog seems like hating her so much ? My neighbour also became speechless ... she told us that when we're not around ... my dog treated her like a good friend ... (i think my dog knows her meals depend on my neighbour) ... and when we're home. I think my dog just want to show us that .... she's a good guard dog ... Is this kind of dog cunning ? LOL.
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• Canada
12 Jan 07
We have three dogs, and one of them is very cunning. The other two are obedient and don't really get into very much trouble, but this other one, is an opportunist. She will wait for an opportunity to do something she knows she shouldn't, like, sneak upstairs and get into the bathroom garbage. She waits until she knows, I'm not watching, and she's so quiet going up the stairs, that I don't hear her, and then she comes back down. I don't even know she's been up there until I go up, and then I see tissues ripped up all over the floor. There are other examples too, but you get the picture.
• Malaysia
13 Jan 07
LOL that's what my dog do sometimes. Sneak into the house when no one's watching. She'll always create a mess in the house before we notice it.
@hellboi (663)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
your dog is so ungrateful LOL, i guess your dog never really likes your neighbor and just got no choice but befriend her cause she's got no one to hang out with when you all left. and now you're back she's as if saying, "i'm not alone now you can go away!" or maybe when you are not around, your neighbor must have maltreated the dog, who knows the dog can't speak so maybe this is your dog's way of saying your neighbor is a wolf in sheep's clothing so you've got to think about it.
@toi_toi (124)
• Malaysia
25 Jan 07
I used to have a mixed breed terrier dog. She's exactly the same like you dog. In front of us, she will bark at anyone especially the neighbour like hell. But according to our neighbour, when we are not around, she is tame and friendly. I guess it's a way for the dog to so that she is doing her guard watch or rather she is actually scared but becomes brave when we are around.
@brendalee (6083)
• United States
13 Jan 07
I have four dogs and one puppy. One of the dogs likes to get into the garbage which sits about five feet from my chair. He will sneak into the kithen and get something out of the garbage and take it into the other room to chew it. I have caught him a few times and I swear he stops to look to see if I am watching him.