PJ and proper jokes...

@naveents (199)
January 12, 2007 6:03am CST
Many people,including me,sometimes likes a little bit of PJ(Poor Jokes)... What about you people? Do you also like PJ's?? Share with me some of your experiances in PJ's. Let me share you one PJ which I received recently... A guy was visiting an Airpot for the first time... He has never seen a plane so close... When he sees a Boeing 747, he cannot control himself, and starts to shout "Boeing Boeing"!!! Then the security came to him and said "Be Silent" ...Then the guy started shouted " Oeing Oeing"!!! (Security said "B" silent,rite?)...I know tht this is a PJ... But this is one PJ which I really liked
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@bigedshult1 (1613)
• United States
31 Jan 07
Mad Cow One farmer says to another farmer that he had to shoot one of his cows? "Was it mad?" asks the other farmer. The farmer replies "Well it wasn't very happy about it".