Have you ever been cheated in love??

January 12, 2007 6:39am CST
I feel that there is nothing called love in this world.People only come together because they need something from each other.I am saying this because i have personaly experienced it.What do you think??
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• Indonesia
12 Jan 07
hmmm, i have personnally experienced both side, cheating, and being cheated ... well that's the trial and process before we go on marriage, to take us into another step of maturity on handling ourselves, relationship, and our partner. when a girl cheating on me, then i'll look back to my self, what's wrong with me ? what have i done that makes her cheating on me ? ... when i cheat on a girl (that's long time ago) sometimes i justified my self that i deserves better than her ... just imagine, if you're dating an ordinary guy, then somehow, there's prince charming are asking you to go on a date, treats you very well, so attractive (handsome, smart, rich, tall, whatever that suits your definition about prince charming) ... what would you do ? ... of course the case is different if that 'cheating' things happend after you're married ... no cheat at all after marriage ! (at least, that's my rule) ...
@bondgarg (105)
• India
12 Jan 07
its not like that ..meenal... if u find a good buddy.. believe me there is nothing like love in this world.. u will love to love and be loved.. the thing is that.. u can find a person of ur own type.. this is really a tough job.. forget what has happened.. and go start with new expectations.. :-)
@bogdanel (1208)
• Romania
12 Jan 07
I have been cheated in love and I had a feeling that I'm cheated.. And I've found her in a bar holding her hand with other buy.. and.. that was.. really bad ... I god mad.. and I've sed her that she will not talk with me ever! After that I've learned not to cheat in my life.. because is the badest thing in a human life. Thanks for discussion.