January 12, 2007 7:02am CST
Hi! i use to try diet pills last year coz my cousin encourage me to loose weight bec people around me always say that im fat even my weight is ideal to height, i listen to my cousin and i buy 15 tablets of diet pills, at first i feel good i never feel any side effect infact i loose weight also, but after taking 15 pills i started to feel all the side effects. i ask my cousin about it but she said its only a sign that im loosing weight. 1 night after we close the store i feel sick and tired i can even eat and starting not to breath, and my mom noticed that my nails turn gray and my body is cold and shaking they almost want me to confine to hospital. i almost suffer bec. of taking diet pills. now i learn my lesson to accept God give to me. So to all people there who want to loose weight i advice you to do it on natural way. i dont like other people will experience what i experience by taking diet pills! DIET PILLS will KILL you! tnx
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@nyka08 (411)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
i don't take diet pills. but if ever i need to lose some weight, i'd rather do it the natural way. i've heard about a lot of diet pills. although it does take some of your weight away, the side effects could be really harmful for your body that is why a lot of doctors do not advise to take this type of medication. i also heard that once you stop taking the pill, your old weight will go back plus additional 25% of your weight.
• Australia
19 Jan 08
Hi, That must have been a scary experience for you. I do take diet supplements, but they are natural, so I don't get any side effects, apart from loosing the weight.
@steerforth (1802)
• Italy
12 Jan 07
Thank you for this notice, maybe it's better the gym than the pills.