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@BDnLacy (324)
United States
January 12, 2007 7:17am CST
On the news last night they were discussing the fight in Iraq. Yea I know what's new about that? They were said something that I thought was very stupid. Again I know, nothing new there either. But what they said was what I believe was the stupidest thing they have said since this all started. Guess you all want me to tell you what I'm talking about huh? Well they said that the American troops would be moving away from bases and and start living in the areas that they are protecting. This in it's self isn't such a bad idea, as it would insure that the troops could better watch out for each other if they are not traveling back and forth to the bases. Then they said that the Iraqi troops would also be doing the same thing and even sharing sleeping quarters. This wasn't a bad idea in my book, as it shows the Iraqi troops are willing to satnad beside us to fight the insurgents. Now what I thought was the stupidest idea I have heard since hearing the 1st time we were going to Iraq again, was that the Iraqi police force would also be sharing this quarters. Don't they have proof that the police force is not only corrupt but is filled with insergents? There is no way I would lay down at night to sleep with so much as 1 of them in my presents. My husband had an idea last night after seeing this report. He thinks (and I agree) that they should dismantle their intire police force and have some of their military break off an take over as the police force there. Because if the force already in place is so corrupt, how can they ever be trusted? And to have our sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, have to further endanger their lifes even more, by making them bunk with people they know mostly would rather kill them then to fight beside them? HOW STUPID!!!
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@imakella (668)
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12 Jan 07
i dont discuss stupid ideas with anybody as u did... stop there !
@BDnLacy (324)
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13 Jan 07
So what's your point in repling to my discussion?