love marriage or arrange?

January 12, 2007 7:51am CST
which one u all people prefer an arrange marriage or love...which u think lasts for more.justify what are the drawbacks and advantage of each..
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
7 Jan 08
The love marriage have been a great advantage rather than arrange marriage. For me, I would choose to a love marriage. I would choose this because I believe that having a love to the person who you marry will bring a good harmony to your relationship and it is not hard to be him/her for the rest of your life.
• India
12 Jan 07
i like to marry with my family permission thats way is correct what i felt it... so i prefer arrange marriage is best... because of no trouble to my family and my parents and my relatives and here i am going to mention the merit of arrange marriage.... 1. Interaction and interdependent 2. good relationship with everyone 3. life security 4. no prevention 5. advises have got from the family 6. happy to live 7. good stable 8. self esteem 9. flexibility 10.complex has not arise
@lotus123 (227)
• India
12 Jan 07
i will go with arranged marriage.. if you go for love marriage those two only satisfied.. if its an arranged marriage two families are satisfied.. and also we are having so many support from both the families.