Anyone seen the unique glas sculpture I'm looking for?

June 27, 2006 10:15am CST
I visited Tysons galleria and found I think in the Versace or artshop there a unique piece of art. It was a sculpture of a woman made in glas. Approximately 45cm high. She was kneeling down on her knees. The texture was frosted glas and the interior of the glas had a slight yellowish (I think) colour to it. We, my boyfriend and I discussed the sculpture with the personel of the shop and was told that theese pieces of art only are made in a specified number of copies like 5-10 pieces. The approximate price was 5000-6000 $ as I remember it. I recall that it probably was made in some European country (was it France?), which I canĀ“t recall. We got a brochure about it which I unfortunately have misplaced. I would be so thankful if anyone could give me a name, clue or a webadress to it if you recognize the description.
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