what do u think of girls who has tattoos

@amanda84 (263)
January 12, 2007 9:43am CST
im going to have a tattioos. but my frend told me that others will look down on me..till now i still dun get it - why they think its cool for a guy to have a tattoo but for girls - they said we are a bad girls..what do u think
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@anup12 (4178)
• India
15 Jan 07
I do not think it will make any difference if they are having tatoo or not.It looks nice I think
@sunny5u (2069)
• India
13 Jan 07
I like girls who have tattoos very much,and in few places if the tattoos are placed,i like it very much.
@Phlamingho (7827)
• Denmark
12 Jan 07
It was pretty cool in the mid 90s, but now it's a bit like, come on... It has been been, it's old news. I don't really like it on girls. Angelina i perfect except for her tattoos.
• United States
12 Jan 07
Unfortunately it is looked down upon in the business world. If you get one make sure it can be covered. Some people will always see it as a form of body mutilation. Others will see it for the art that it is. But the reality is, depending on what you do in your life it could hold you back if it's in a spot that can be seen. As for guys, it's not necessarily true that they are allowed to have them versus girls. Guys who have a ton of them and have them very visible are also often looked upon as 'bad'. Businesses will shy away from hiring them based on their look alone. It's sad, but true.
• Australia
12 Jan 07
Times are changing. Tattoos are no longer crossbones, skulls, snakes and scrolls with 'MUM' written in them. They are body art. Nobody can make you have a tattoo. IT IS A PERSONAL CHOICE and if you took a survey today out there you'll find that most females already have at least one, or are contemplating it. I myself have three on my back each with a personal significance to them. But they are for me and therefore did not feel I had to display them, which is why they are on my back. I work in a legal profession and most of my colleagues know nothing of them, but I'm sure in this day and age, even if they did see them, it would not change the way they think of me. Remember though, tattoos are FOREVER, thing long and hard about what you want and the significance of it. It shouldn't be just to be cool, it should represent something in your life. My tattoos are a small pegasus on my left shoulder blade for when I turned 30, it was to symbolise my flight into the 30's. In 2002 I broke my neck and survived and after healing, I got a face of a cougar on my right shoulder blade to represent strength. Two years ago, I got over the depression of the accident and had the pegasus and the cougar joined up with a bird of paradise down the centre of my back with my daughter's name through the tail. To me, this was living life again with my beautiful daughter. Tattoos don't make you bad it's just a way of expressing yourself PERMANENTLY. Think long and hard and make the right choice FOR YOU!! Good luck
@flex90 (1442)
12 Jan 07
Well to me, as a male, it depends on where the tattoo is and how much of it is there. I find it very unnattractive if a girl has lots of tattoos in one area, as it does not look good. However, I find that a small pattern or something like a butterfly, just above the bum area, is really sexy.
• United States
12 Jan 07
I see nothing wrong with it. I however, find it unattractive if the girl has them on her lower arms but anywhere else does not bother me. I have them on my lower arms and i wish i didnt do it but o well. Girls with tatts are hot even a lot of tats are cool if it fits the girls personality and appearnce.