Question about spitting up

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January 12, 2007 10:56am CST
My 7 month old spits up so much. Like everytime after we feed her we let her sit in her chair so she can digest her food and then I put her on the floor so she can play. Well even a while after she has eaten she will spit up. I know all babies do this but she has been doing it alot. At what point will she not spit up anymore. Is there a certain age??
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@wmaharper (2316)
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12 Jan 07
well, I would say reflux, but generally reflux isn't the cause after 6 months, (they say they outgrow it by then) it could just be that she is too active just after eating, (really you don't run around and play really hard when YOU have a full tummy, so when she does it she spits up) my suggestion is let her relax for a little while after she eats. Or, maybe she is eating too much? Try giving her less food at each sitting and see if that helps, sometimes if you feed them too much they'll spit up to get rid of some of the food. Hope this helps!
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12 Jan 07
I was going to suggest that it might be reflux as well. babies usually outgrown it as they develop better head and trunk strength, but I would mention it to the pediatrician and see what they think.
@muse02 (213)
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19 Jan 07
Just make sure that you are still burping her.