@soadnot (1606)
January 12, 2007 1:47pm CST
Hi, I live in toronto canada. I just wanted to know if any places in the world have experienced weird weather like toronto is having. Its january 12 and it still hasnt snowed, it snowed 2 times (one on the 30th of dec and one around the time of the 20th) and they both melted the next day! A!! whats going on!? global warming is really having its way
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• Canada
1 Feb 07
global warming is gona kill us all!
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@Idlewild (6094)
• United States
13 Jan 07
I'm near New York City, which just had it's first December without snow in recorded history, I believe. In places in the West they've gotten more snow than usual, like Colorado and New Mexico. I've heard this is all partly due to El Nino.
@GigiFrana (114)
• Romania
13 Jan 07
yes... global warming.... please recycle some paper or something :P.. We all know that pollution is responsible for this. so why aren't we stopping this???
@locolady (374)
• Canada
12 Jan 07
Hi I live in wallaceburg ,about 3hrs sw of you and we dont even have any snow here either ,havent had any at all,just lots of wet rain---I wish it would snow!!!!!!!!