Friend moving to Canada - Advice and help?

January 12, 2007 6:04pm CST
Hi all, my firend wants to move to Canada to live with his girlfriend in a plave called LethBridge I think - he's coming from the UK so its a pretty life changing experience. His biggest challenge is getting a Visa, one of the other things causing him stress is whether he'll even be able to get any work over there. Anyone got any advice, contacts or comments? Anything is helpful
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8 Apr 07
Wow, this all sounds wonderful. I would love to move to Canada. Ailing mother and teenagers prevent us at the moment. I wonder if we could retire over there. My husband wanted to retire to Wales and I wanted to go to Devon (as per one of my discussions) perhaps we could change to Canada instead.
@AskAlly (3627)
• Canada
13 Jan 07
Alberta's economy is booming right now, so your friend should not have a problem finding a job, so that is one less worry off of his mind. Is he moving here by himself? Lethbridge is situated in the southern part of Alberta in western Canada. It's very beautiful, though I do remeber it being somewhat windy most of the time. He had best come dressed for our Canadian winters!!!!! Wind chill factors play a big part of our temperatures which can reach -40c and will chill will bring it down to -60c . Not everyday, but do be prepared with the proper clothing. Then just as quickly there will be a Chinook wind and temps will be in the Pluses the next day. Unlike winter summers are very hot, its quite a contrast we have going here temp wise. Lethbridge apparently has grown considerabley since I last lived there...........maybe 70,000-80,000 people...I could be wrong. They have a very good university and many ammenities. And is fairly new and modern. There is alot of farming and ranching in that area of the province as well. A real "western" flavor in that part of the country. The Rocky Mountains are nearby as well and they have a decent ski hill not that far away. Your friend must have done some research himself I would guess. Lots of older Canadians still talk miles as far as distance or tell distance with time.....1 hour drive ,4 hour drive I hope someone else responds because that is about all I can tell you unless you have a specific question
@citygirl (1081)
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13 Jan 07
HI, I am Canadian so I will tell you what I can. Lethbridge is in the province of Alberta which is in western Canada. Yes he will be able to find work if he wants to in Lethridge there is work there. It is a fairly big city. Your friend will be fine there. It is beautiful out there I have visited. I live In Toronto, Ontairo Canada.