@doc_sid9 (316)
January 12, 2007 8:00pm CST
a man was teaching a sexy lady how to swim for about 2 hrs. after learning how to swim the lady finally said----------tell me will i really drown like a LEAKING BOAT if u take out ur FINGER ????
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• India
13 Jan 07
LOLZ . A good one .. :D. But as the other guy said, it may not be appropriate for all the users . Probaby safe and appropriate to tag it under Mature Content .
@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
13 Jan 07
err... the point of the discussion is?
@ndraj_2006 (1422)
• India
13 Jan 07
Funny Costume - Funny costume on annies
good joke, lol....... but, this may not suit for few People because its amature content.