@drmt57 (295)
United States
January 12, 2007 9:15pm CST
what can we do to help our homeless peoples.
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• Philippines
13 Jan 07
Surrender them to an agency specializing with social problems and the like...there are social workers who specialized in helping that kind of problem which will relieve our friends on streets
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@shankru85 (131)
• India
13 Jan 07
we can use our influence to bring the matter to the notice of the govt and get basic shelter for them..bcoz we will not have money to build houses for everybody
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11 Feb 07
Encourage them to work and look for it, we should support them but not give to those who ask and demand you to hand over your money. alot of homeless people where i live ask and if you say no they get aggressive. I'll only help homeless people who respect it. In the past i did help alot of them but it's like feeding pidgins for example the more bread/money you have the more they'll want. kudos! ~Joey
• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Jan 07
Alot Can Be done to Help the Homeless. I run a yahoogroup called Independant Homeless just trying to connect people who want to be friends and help eachother out. Less say you have a homeless person who does not have a car, but has a job, and there is another homeless person that does not have a job but has a car. The one homeless person could pay the other for transportation, to help them out in the meantime while they job hunt, and more than one low income people can work togehter to purchase a small apartment together to help eachother all get on their feet. Things like this. Here is a link to my little group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/independanthomeless/ And here is pasted from my introduction page, of ways that anyone could help the homeless. The Main Idea is. You have a group of individuals who wants to help another individual You look at what you could offer them. Can you offer them shelter to help you out with some chores? Can you offer money towards a goal. The goal meaning shelter, a mailbox or a prepaid cell phone? Where you take them to the stores themselves have them fill out everything in front of you and you hand the money to the clerk.. These are some minor ideas that can go along way... Of Course with all listed below, You will want to make sure the person you hire for this or that chore is capable and responsible enough to do so, and you never know. If they are good at yard work, than you maybe able to see if they are hiring for any yard work jobs, and then you could be a good reference to help them get a full time job in yard. Different ideas like this. So there is my small list of brainstorm although it is in my yahoogroup format. Take care. - Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain" ===================================== This is for Individuals who want to do one-on-one helping other homeless Individuals. - Shelter - Storage - Mailbox - Transporation - Job Hunting - Phone services - Food This is mainly for the homeless that are willing to work hard for individuals in repayment for their help. This is also a group for anyone who needs help to become independant, and is willing to work hard to do so. Wanted: People to help transport to and from jobs, and medical Wanted: People who are willing to pay others to do small chores or favors. Wanted: People to provide free storage areas to people who need it. Wanted: People to help compile a list of Free Services homeless people can use. (Free Campgrounds, Public Toilets, temporary shelter.) A list of Shelters and charities to refer people to, if they are beyond your range of help. Wanted: Individuals who are willing to take in and adopt homeless individuals in exchange for their help. Wanted: Businesses who are willing to hire homeless people.. Wanted: People who are willing to offer free education and training to the homeless Wanted: People who run free support groups. Wanted: People who can compile a directory of thrift shops, and stores where homeless can sell their own made projects on consignment. Wanted: Homeless People who are willing to work, or do LEGAL favors in exchange for help. (Garden helping out with chores, Babysitting etc.) This Group is for Individuals wanting to help Individuals.. that do not want to become dependant or are trying to become independant from charities, Family, and Government programs. This Group is not responsible for any damages, or losses any indivdual may recieve during participation. This group does NOT collect money, or items. What this group does is allows individuals to connect with individuals to see if they can help eachother. This list is not for SCAMMERs. This is for real hard workers all scammers will be banned, and reported.