Will the mercy of God ultimately redeem satan as well ?

January 13, 2007 12:08am CST
Time and Eternity, both are twins with same linqua franca, one dependant on the other, having one and the same destiny viz. infinity. Man utilizes the former to arrive at God, while the devil knows it is now or never to snatch a victory over the former. God knows the card devil will play, He also knows that the devil can never win much less head for a draw. Will the devil ultimately reach God's feet on bended knee to implore for mercy and eventually be restored to God's sublime grace ? The only guilt of satan was disobedience, very much the same as that of man. God had mercy on man and redeemed him. Bible is clear only in so far as the day of judgement, which humanly speaking, would amount to a day of cleansing the entire creation. To chastise the wicked would amount to leaving the remnants of sin to perish for ever. Will an infinite and merciful God who gave man a free will and allowed him to live a life to his heart's content, the same God who chastised man to live by the sweat of his brow but took pity and redeemed him back to his grace thus restoring him back the right to inherit the kingdom of heaven, will the same God who at the batting of eyelid endowed Dimas with the reward of eternity in the company of God, ever have a second thought and deign to..... ? If such a prayer as "Father, forgive them...." could escape the lips of a humanized Almighty, how greater can be the mercy of God that may, on the last day, take pity on satan and decide to reinstate devil to his angelic beauty ? "I also have flock, which are not of this world. I need to bring them as well to the one fold". No UFO has landed on earth to proclaim the news of another civilization. Will God (humanly speaking, have a second thought for the bad angels who were created to live with Him for ever but fell from His grace due to their own pride) display His merciful and infinite bounty to accommodate satan in the company of the faithful angels ? Will satan repeat a return of the prodigal to partake of God Almighty's merciful bounty ?
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