January 13, 2007 1:58am CST
The rush of modern life takes too much out of us that if we wish to maintain good physical and mental health. it is essential to plan for relaxation, overwork, worry and anxiety - these frequently lead to depression and irriability. How to overcome depression 1. Rediscover your self-esteem; be proud of yourself and of all that you are. Enjoyed and appreciate that fact that you are yourself and that you are as good and valuable and potential as any other person. 2. Have faith in future - it is not something that necessarily comes of its own accord. it has to be won. 3. Insist on turning the energies of self-hate into love, warmth and affection. Future happiness will depend on the love and warmth you give to others. As your energy finds a stream to flow, it will lose your depression and you will be free.
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