Is the Earth really revolving on itself ?? I have some doubts.

@zakhir (50)
January 13, 2007 1:58am CST
Hi everybody. First, let me tell you i'm not an expert in physics or astronomy; i have only done physics for A-level and some physics modules at the university, thats all. I'm actually reading a book, which has made me re-consider the whole of the physics i have studied till now. Consider the following and let me know what you think of it: The Earth is said to be revolving at a speed of 506.4 yards per second. Suppose i throw a heavy stone straight up into the air; obviously it will fall down at exactly the place from where it was launched. But according to the theory of the revolving Earth, by the the time the stone falls down on the earth, the earth would have revolved a little. Let's say the stone took 5 seconds to reach down and the Earth is revolving towards the East at 506.4 yards per second. So, by the time the stone reaches down, the Earth should have moved (506.4 × 5) = 2532 yards West. That means the stone fall at about one and a half miles to the west of where it was launched. But actually it falls at exactly the same spot! Can anybody please explain this matter to me?? I've checked my books but am not satisfied yet. I also have some doubts about whether the Earth is rotating about the Sun or is it the other way round; i'll post this later in another discussion. thanks in advance.
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@Dolcerina (3378)
• Hungary
18 Jan 07
hahaha that's good! You'd better not to think about it. Do you have too much free time?
@zakhir (50)
• Mauritius
19 Jan 07
Thanks for your reply, Dolcerina! I know it seems a bit crazy, but that's not a joke! What i've written up here has really been written by a genius but little-known astronomer. His book should have won the Nobel prize in Physics! The problem is that I haven't got any response except from yours! I'm still waiting for someone to give a rational, logical answer to this post! Perhaps i might try posting this on other forums also, what do you think?