have you ever given your hamster chocolate?

January 13, 2007 9:10am CST
they really like it. just try it!
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@starcrazy (137)
• Singapore
13 Jan 07
Maybe you shouldn't. Chocolates are known to be harmful for pets. Besides, hamsters have cheekpouches where they store food. Chocolate, being sticky will cause food to get stuck in there when it melts. So, no chocolates for hamsters please. =)
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• Singapore
16 Jan 07
ya, i agree. i heard puppies cant take chocolates. Im not sure for hamsters but we cant tell if its good for them anyway. No chocs for hamsters pls.
• Singapore
21 Sep 08
I don't think you should feed your hamster chocolate.. If it melts in their cheek pouches it could cause serious problems and you need to take him to the vet to clean his pouch. Chocolate is also not very healthy for them, so if you wanna feed him chocolate please do so in small amounts.
@meiling (28)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 07
I read in one of the websites about hamster care that chocolates and citrus fruits (oranges, lemons.etc) can do more harm than good to hamsters. Yes - they can die as a result from consuming these items. Be very careful with what you feed your hamsters. My Roborovski hamsters eats mainly the pre-packed hamster feed that I buy from the local petstore. In addition, I feed them with other types of grains and nuts. I add a carrots and chinese water chestnut into their diet, as recommended by some experts. Not too much fruits and vegetables as they are prone to diarrhea. Mine loves Almonds and Walnuts, a pretty expensive item here in Malaysia!
@canxnac (421)
• Indonesia
15 Feb 07
I gave my hamsters some, and my brother was very angry to me at that time. He said that chocolates are not good for them. But they like the chocolate! heehee....
@bintil (86)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 07
the reason why i never give my hamster chocolate, is that they will probably die.. bean sprouts are good for hamster fertility.. definitely
@bigstret (484)
23 Jan 07
No as i dont have a hamster, and also it would be very bad for the hamster.
• Lithuania
23 Jan 07
Never tryed but my hamsters loved cord and boiled egg.
@kd12cye (124)
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
i know they will eat it. i have tried it . i give them chocolate wafers, s\junk foods, and even chocolate drinks and juices. they love it. but when they eat it their body generates fats making them fat just like human does. when they are fat they became lazy and became less active
@irisheyes (4372)
• United States
16 Jan 07
Sorry, I don't have a hamster so I can't try that one out. My cats like cantalope though, Ever try that one?
• Malaysia
15 Jan 07
i have dwarf. i gave them tangerine. And they really love it. Vit C haa....
• India
13 Jan 07
No Never Tried will try it some day
• Romania
13 Jan 07
yes, i also tried, but it is said it is not healthy...in the nature they will not eat chocholate...:)