On racism, and self racism

@soadnot (1606)
January 13, 2007 10:49am CST
well, I just wanted to ask why black people refer to themselves as N***** all the time. They say they are trying to devalue the word but really they are promiting racism to themselves. And then thers 2pac explaining that there is a diffrence bettween the N word that ends in A and the one that ends in ER. He says that the ER one is racist. Im saying it doesnt matter because they are both retracing back to the time of slavory. Imagine of jews wer to call themselves "nazi" (IE wuzup nazi!). I meen, really, does that make any sense to you? On the otherhand, some say that calling someone a nazi is a huge insult, but if people were to say it all the time, the word would meen nothing. So whats your take? Devalue, overuse and promote racist words or forget them?
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• Canada
1 Feb 07
yea, they say stuff like that and then call white people racists
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