Pets : A Horrible Hobby

January 13, 2007 11:07am CST
I am a genuine pet lover. I have maintained this hobby for many years. There are two-three puppies always loitering inside my house. They even sleep with me or with some other family members. In fact my entire family of four is pet lover. They move about freely as we do. I chain them only when I take them our for a stroll. I did not have any serious problem from them so far. But of late, one of the puppies has developed a very peculiar habit. It urinates anywhere inside the house: whether it is a sofa or a bed; whether a door or a curtain. It doesn't even spare me. If I stop to talk to someone in the street, it pisses off on my own trousers. I knew that the male dogs have the tendency to respond near any object in the open where some other dog has already eased out. But I didn't have any previous experience of dogs doing such stupid activities inside the house. I live in a ground floor house and one or more doors of the house and the stairs always remain open during day time and there is enough space around. I feel most embarrassed when I find that a few drops have also been sprinkled on the lower garments of a visiting guest. Can anyone having undergone similar trauma suggest me a remedy?
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@classy56 (2883)
• United States
13 Jan 07
it sounds like you may need to start takeing the puppys outside more often an start rubbing their nose in it so you can get them house broken an take them to the vet an get them fixed.see if that helps, my brother dogs is like that also a pisses everywere.that because they dont take him out enough