January 13, 2007 1:23pm CST
who clear the all chart of hitman game?
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• India
29 Apr 07
I have finished the whole hitman game of blood money in 4 days. Pretty nice game and you also feel like playing it all over again because there isn't any repetition once you change the difficulty level.
@ToMuSH (202)
• Israel
1 Feb 07
I'm working on the last one right now, how about you???
@BigBenas (943)
• Lithuania
13 Jan 07
I plaed some of the parts and i was realy desapointed at the game idea . Because of all the games the idea and purpose whas one to kill .I think it would be better game that they could add sothing intersting so i say i plaed an i don't realy like this game . But from your point i think you realy like it because you created discussion ... But my fellings of this game is offull because it is realy bad ;) . Sorry for that kind of opinion . So what can i say more just have a good and none rainy day.