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January 13, 2007 2:02pm CST
I recently purchased a *very* hard to find DVD from a seller in Australia on Ebay. I paid on January 8th of this year. In the auction listing, the person stated they would send an email when the item shipped. No word, nothing. So I sent off a friendly "hey could I possibly get a shipment date" on the 11th of January. I know full well the item would not be here *that* fast, but rest assured i'd like a shipment date, just so I know when to expect the item. Well the person took forever to respond, and then said "Oh im sorry, that item is currently out of stock. It will take 10-14 business days to have it back in stock, and once its in, we will ship it to you." Um, okay. There was absolutely *no* mention of this on the auction listing, infact it said the item was in stock and ready to go. So when I questioned the seller about the auction, 20 minutes later an email was sent to me to let me know the item had been shipped. Then yesterday he emailed me again, and told me he was "really sorry" for the delay, and they would send it out when their stock came in. Um, this isn't making any sense, considering the email I had received the day before? Thoughts?
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@mkirby624 (1599)
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13 Jan 07
I would make a complaint to ebay about the user and leave negative feedback on their account. Did you pay through paypal?? If so, you need to notify them that the seller may possibly be scamming you so they will be prepared to refund you your money.
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