KIDS wedding, had a BIG PROBLEM

@Mecboy (1050)
United States
January 13, 2007 2:59pm CST
okay I stupidly pack a lightsaber with me, I had an orange one. Well i wanted to show it off if i saw a girl. Well im fifteen. Okay seconds before the bride holded hand with the groom. OMG. kiddy war, is what the announcer said. two kids were fighting. The lightsaber have heat. They won't cut people. IT really burns and hurt. it dosn't burn your skin, its hot to touch. One had a Orange red lightsaber, I saw he looked familiar. It was Logan, i met him since sixth grade. the other guy was some other guy. His girl friend joined the fight with a wine bottle (not a safe choice) I was standing there touching my lightsaber and looking like a dope.I hid my lightsaber. If some kid has the burning lightsaber, they might wanna get challenged by others who have them as well.My other friend Arnold joined, He had green lightsaber, he and Logan put a good show. first Logan back handed his lightsaber, and the guy got his and hit it. Logan counter hit that so hard, the kid fell back into his girl friend, I think the wine bottle hit her on the nose. She was lying there, he got up and ran up to Logan. Logan was quick, they smashed, and their lightsabers created an X and then the girl got up and kicked Logan in the knee, and tried to aim for his midsection. Her boyfriend then took Logans lightsaber. Logan hit him in the face with his Palm, and then he took out a magnet(handy) and took his lightsaber, his girlfriend took it out of his hand, and tried hit Logan with the metal part, Logan or her activated the lightsaber. Adn they both were holding on,swinging it around, the girl i believe grabbed into Testes, and grabbing and trying to rip it off. Logan fell down, and she kneeled down too. Logan kicked her in the face.She let go. Her boy friend had a magnet and tried to take it out of Logans hand, his girlfriend got in front of him, and yelled let me do it. The lightsaber flew at her slowly. Logan took out a remote control,(included cool!) and he turned it on, the lightsaber hole was aiming directly at her, the lightsaber light went through her body, she was still holding on the lightsaber, and fell on the ground. her boyfriend looked at me all of a sudden and charged at me. Whoa how did he know me, he said ALLYN! OMG i turned out my lightsaber babe ruth style. He hit my lightsaber, it looked he tried to chop me, I moved a little to the left, I turned off my lightsaber, the guy had nothing blocking him, so he accidently charged striaght and tripped over a table hit a wine bottle (the bottle got cracked but that dude wasn't bleeding) and then Arnould charged and told me to go look for the bride, Logan was busy helping Arnould. I ran and found the broom, and the bride were surrounding by fighting kids. I picked up some fireworks. well at wedding, i believe they have party popper thingys. I picked 5 and poped them and people moved out the way.Italked to the bride and Groom, and told them to follow me out I got them to safe part, the announcer dj stand. Its funny they said okay. and then Police came in, the girlfriend was still on the floor, her parents were looking at her boyfriend, (weird) and her boyfriend accidently hit a security guard right in the face with a flower vas. No police came. he was holding his nose.the vase wasn't broken, I went anger management and stupidly charge and hit the vase straight out his hand, it had a metal stick in the lightsaber not a blade. SAFETY and then the guy didn't notice me. Kids one by one parents started to evacuate. Soon it was left to the girlfriend and her boyfriend. A girl I know went and kicked her and left saying good bye to me and she hoped that me and my friends get out alive. The guy who tried dive into Logan, his girlfriend was still quirming on the floor. the guy ran and his parents and his girlfriends parents picked her up and ran. My parents barely came in and said what happened I went home waving at Arnould and Logan, theyre parents took them home 5 seconds later. The wedding was reschedule to Februray 14 2007. Im scared its coming upm will another stupid lightsaber battle happen again. man.
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10 Feb 07
Congratulation and happy wedding :)
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@Mecboy (1050)
• United States
11 Feb 07
More like a destroyed wedding. Im going right after Presidents day. Im still bringing my lightsaber.LOL! _