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January 13, 2007 8:52pm CST
I just recently enrolled at Southern University this semester. I must admit its a big difference from BRCC. I have always wondered why LSU and BRCC have a better registration process than Southern. They are all associated with the state therefore receiving state funding. So how is the monies being spent and where are the improvements.
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22 Feb 07
well being that SU is an HBCU....well...t not much different at the other HBCU's in other states.... Alcorn, Jackson, and Mississippi Valley all receive state funding as well but Mississippi State, Univeristy of Southern Mississippi, & Ole Miss get improvements all the time and QUICKLY...Alcorn has been building a new dorm for at less 8 years now and has yet to break ground for it...They also just now getting a new cafe' (been in waiting for longer than the dorm)...Jackson State is making a lot of improvements mainly because they are the only university in the urban city of Mississippi. They improvements are slow as well... as far as I know MVSU hasn't had ANY improvements in a while. It just depends on state government and how much they care to help certain schools.
@kareng (31614)
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24 Jan 07
That would be a question for your govenor's office. It is amazing the improvements at BRCC! If I had a choice right now, that is where I would go. I like the smallness of it but that won't be lasting long I'm guessing.