BS NURSING - why is it so in demand

@amaine (2037)
January 13, 2007 9:27pm CST
i'm from philippines , and here , , mostly , , college students are taking up bachelor of science in nursing , , including me , , for the same reasons (well, almost) we want to go out of this country , , perhaps work abroad , , such as UNITED STATES , Canada, London, Australia , , , many people choose their courses according to their salaries , , i mean is this right? , , aren't we supposed to choose our degree in college not because of the income but because we wanted to do it? , , a sad reality , , some don't even think if the course that they would be taking is their interest , , that would be so difficult for them , , imagine , , you will be working for the rest of your life , , in that field , , and yet , , you do not have any interest in that field , , you got my point ? , , aww,,, sad, but true , , some are doing it because of the money, , what about the things they love to do? , , the things they excel at? , , how are they supposed to show others that they are good at this and that if they are staying on the wrong place? , , , what are your thoughts about this? , , speak up , , (--,)
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• Romania
14 Jan 07
many people do what is better paid, not what they would like to do or what they are skilled in. it is the world..this crazy world making with us
@navinshan (3935)
• Canada
14 Jan 07
The reason is simple there re a number of sick patients to be taken care at times and that there re not enough nurses and doctors to help them, and as u see there are number of disasters which are in row like tsunami,landslides,earthquakes,which is not in the hands of a human and the victims are not getting enough support to take care of them. so nurse are in demand in all the countries.