36 year old crime confessed to - news story ^_^

@shywolf (4519)
United States
January 13, 2007 10:11pm CST
A German who shoplifted from a small store while on vacation in Norway in 1970, suffering from a guilty conscience for thirty-six years, sent a check for $375 to the small town of Lom and asked them to find the shopkeeper whom he had stolen from and give him the money. He also sent a letter stating how his conscience had been bothering him and to ask for forgiveness for what he had done wrong all those years ago. He had shoplifted about $15 worth of items from a store while on vacation in the town back in the 70's. In a letter back to the German, the Mayor of the small town said that the shopkeeper asked him to say "that he forgives you" and that he had given the money to the local retirement home to do something nice for its residents. The rest of the details are here: http://www.davesdaily.com/out.php?id=23589&url=http%3A%2F%2Fapnews.myway.com%2Farticle%2F20070112%2FD8MJM9D00.html
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@Marie2473 (8516)
• Sweden
14 Jan 07
That is so cute =) I love stories like this, especially the part about the shopkeeper donating the money as well. It is always nice with nes like this at times, instead of just murders, rapes, kidnappings and wars!