MLB Division Picks

United States
October 3, 2006 10:28pm CST
Twins vs Athletics Twins 3-1 The Twins are down by one game now but I don't think Oakland has the starters behind Zito to beat the Twins, we have Radke back now and he looked very good on his last start and Bonser is a great new guy as well, and Garza is starting to come around. As long as the Twins pick up the bats and swing them good, we should be good to go. Tigers vs Yankees Tigers 3-2 What a duel here, great hitting vs great hitting and good pitching vs good pitching. The Tigers have some great hitters and some good young pitchers and a veteran pitcher. The Yanks have the same, but i'm just going to go out on a limb and say the Tigers take it in the Rubber Match. Cardinals vs Padres Cardinals 3-0 The Padres don't have the team to beat the Cardinals, they don't match up at all. Not much to say about this match-up I'm afraid. Mets vs Dodgers Mets 3-0 Another un-even match-up. The Mets are the best in the NL by far, they wont be beat until they play the Twins in the world series
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