Mylot Specific Categories (From Automotive to Travel)

United States
January 13, 2007 10:47pm CST
I know I am new here, and that I already got in 3 responses, but since I am still exploring MyLot, I decided that I might want to start posting new ideas that can improve this place. From the way I see it, this place has a sense of uniqueness, as though this isn't your everyday bulletin board, message board or forum. So in the words of the announcer from "Monty Python's Flying Circus"... "And now for something completely different!" While I was here I had a new idea to improve MyLot. I have been reading several ebooks about "niches" in marketing, what people like, and specific categories in niches. So I was thinking...that MyLot needs to have discussions in certain categories, such as automobiles, general, politics, wealth-and-moneymaking, art, travel, MyLot, etc. This will help sort out different topics into one or more categories.
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• India
14 Jan 07
Welcome! Yes, if mylot do the categorization it will be much easier for us to find the topic of our interest.Although you are very new to this site,you are very well analysed the site. Very good work. Initially you try to post more responses than starting a new discussion. Before starting a new discussion you make sure that the same topic is not dicussed already;this can be done by searching the topic here(window at the top of the page).