tight hugs

United States
January 14, 2007 12:10am CST
my daughter is 2 years old and she gives me the tightest hugs i've ever gotten in a long long time. When i put her to bed she wants me really close and even when i am it seems to her its not close enough so she just lays her head on my chest and falls asleep with her arms around me. I dont know how her dad can live without these hugs from an innocent little baby. Its the sweetest. Really, how do some fathers go years and years and years without this, Ive never understood it!?
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@coffebing (252)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 07
You are lucky to been through this.I do hope my future daughter or son will do that to me too. I am sure i will be the most lucky and happy mum in the universe.haha. By the way, where did her dad go?(I am just curious and doesn't mean anything.)
• United States
14 Feb 07
to tell you the truth, i dont know where he is, for the sake of my baby though, i've tried to find out, but my heart and will are not necessarily in it (the search), so i feel its pointless. i sure hope he can find his daughter because a parent should always look for their child, not the other way around! Dont you think?
@cjsmom (1423)
• United States
13 Feb 07
My son, CJ is 8 with high-functioning Autism. He is so very loving and when I put him to bed he always, after he says his prayers, says, "happy hug?" I lean down and he gently wraps his arm around my neck and holds me gently. I tell his he's a good boy and that I love him very much; as I try to release he doesn't want to let go. Then he wants me to tickle his arm; he loves for me to very lightly run my fingertips slowly up and down his forearm. It relaxes him in seconds and I can see the 'goose bumps' form. It is so wonderful when our children want to show us love. My husband gets on the receiving end of the hugs as well and he dearly loves it. You know that it comes from us as parents showing our children how to love that we receive it in kind. I'm so happy for you.