The Charming Baby World

January 14, 2007 1:23am CST
Most of the babies love to be in the lap than to be even in a cosy bed. All infants and babies start crying when hungry or when they have made something wet. This is their way of attracting our attention. Once the problem is sorted out, they retire to their dream-world again. This is understandable. But what is not understandable is that sometimes they make loud cries with no obvious reasons. Neither they need any food nor they need change of clothes. But they just want to lie on the shoulders or swinging in the lap. The explanation to the question why do they feel more comfortable hanging on the shoulders with the collar bone pinching against their tender body or in the lap with a twisted body than in the cosy bed with their self-chosen posture is hard to understand. Is it because they love to be in the company of someone. But no, they do so only occasionally.
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@cliffcliff (1350)
• United States
18 Jan 07
well i think the babies only have two worldly state of mind: They either Cry or they Laugh... and then just maybe when they are growing and they learn Boredom, then they want to do more than laugh or cry, so they make choices. and as you said they choose the shoulder of love.